Meet Andrea

Andrea Evans In The Pink_verticalFrom the time she was a little girl, Andrea Evans knew she wanted to run her own store. Armed with a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in business, she interned at three design markets before joining In The Pink Boutique in Phoenix as an employee. After a few years of working at In The Pink, she bought the company from the owner. The Arizona native has now brought the store into a younger, fresher direction.

In The Pink offers unique home accessories, furniture, and the best gifts for girlfriends as well as family¬†member’s. After doing Web re-search and traveling to New York, Dallas, California, and Europe, Evans brings in items to sell in the shop and online. She makes three or four trips a year to find unique items. Even with the added difficulty of being behind an AJ’s Fine Food store, Evans has managed to build a larger, more upscale clientele. She focuses on the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Arcadia markets selling one-of-a-kind accessories and gifts. “I want to stay exclusive,” Evans says. “I want to keep that special feeling within the store and online for my customers.”

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