About In The Pink Boutique

Welcome to Pink Shopping, your personal online resource for the most exciting and desirable collectibles, gifts, jewelry, and fine home furnishings that you will ever see, without leaving your home or office, or wherever you may be when visiting us. With a charming and successful retail store serving the upscale areas of the Biltmore, Arcadia, and Paradise Valley in Arizona, Andrea Evans is also a very dedicated interior designer, who shares her passion for collectibles, gifts, unique jewelry, and gorgeous home furnishings with her discerning longtime customers as well as visitors from all over the world.

The magical combination of having a retail store, and working in the interior design field sends Andrea on travels throughout America and Europe in search of new and vintage products for her very distinguished clientele. She really has an eye for finding the best merchandise. The inspiration for this site originated from continuous requests from yearly travelers who were too far away to visit the store, and for the convenience of all devoted buyers wanting to show their friends and clients in other cities the fabulous selection that is offered.
Thank you for visiting us.

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